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The Benefits Of Wholefood Based Juice Plus+® In A Tasty Gummie Form

Juice Plus Gumies At Prices Back Clinic

A National Survey conducted by the UK School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme has shown that, on average, children in England eat only two portions of fruits and vegetables a day, and many children eat fewer than that, while at least 5 portions a day would be raccommended.

The direct consequence is that they do not receive the essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals & antioxidants they need to achieve whole body well-being & health.

As parents, it is your responsibility to add more nutrition to your children’s diet, and Juice Plus+® Gummies™ can help you do it in the funniest way possible.

Juice Plus+® Gummies™ are a delicious nutritional support and an ideal addition to children’s healthy diets.

They are GMO & gluten free, and they contain just natural flavours & colours.

As all the other JUICE PLUS+® products, Juice Plus+® Gummies™ contain all the nutritional essence of 17 different fresh fruits, vegetables and the fibre of two cereals, to provide you with the widest range of nutritional benefits.

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What Krystyna Says About Prices Back Clinic
"Sandra Price is a wonderful osteopath. She’s very experienced and gentle."- Krystyna
What James Has To Say About Prices Back Clinic
"I noticed immediate and dramatic improvement to my lower back."- James
What Zeynep Has to Say About Prices Back Clinic
"Sessions are relaxing and enjoyable. Dr. Price is one of the best doctors ever."- Zeynep
“Sandra is more than an osteopath…she is calm, kind and a healer of the whole body! The best I have even seen….thank you!” - Georgina

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