Your First Visit

During your first visit, our experts focus on identifying the cause of your problem and decide which  treatment will ensure you get back to health in the shortest possible time.

We will ask you a number of questions in order to gain an in depth understanding of your physical complaint. It is helpful to know about the sport and the regular exercising activities you practice, your medication, general medical history including falls and accidents as well as operations. If you have collected a number of tests and x-rays leading up to the appointment it is helpful to bring these, saving time and repetition.

A critical analysis of your posture and function will be the next step, helping effectively diagnose the cause of your problem.  If further tests, such as scans, blood tests etc, are needed this will be discussed with you and can be arranged promptly if necessary. We have access to reasonably priced MRI scans and X-rays as well as ECG’s and blood tests.

After a full assessment specific treatment methods are instigated in order to aid your recovery. We will discuss with you an individually tailored treatment program involving specific osteopathic and medical techniques necessary to ensure a smooth recovery. This will be accompanied by a recommended exercise program to help your posture and ensure a full return to physical activity.

Treatment is specific to each patient, and often includes techniques such as soft tissue stretch, gentle pressure or massage, ultrasound and joint articulation to release tension, which helps relieve pain and mobilises the joints, restoring function and comfort.