About Us

A Clear Focus On The Benefits Of A Holistic Approach

Price’s Back Clinic began in Croydon in 1928 opened by Frederick Price an Osteopath.

Subsequently Dr. John Price Consultant Orthopaedic Physician and Sandra Price Osteopath joined the clinic adding Hove and Harley Street in to the family business and striving to optimise treatments for a swift return to work and sport.

As your specialists, we perform patient specific treatments, with a whole body perspective which allows differentiation between injured and compensatory factors so the cause can be treated and not just the symptoms. Our physical treatments often enhance your body’s ability to heal itself, so by using a wide range of effective gentle techniques, in many cases the need for drugs or surgery can be reduced and sometimes eliminated.

At Price’s Back Clinic our mission is simple: we want to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment, correcting your painful backs/necks, upper and lower limbs, always taking a whole body /holistic approach.

In other words, we offer you an efficient holistic and professional approach, treating a variety of complaints ranging from musculoskeletal pain to postural complaints which may have arisen from illness, recent or past injury or as a result of long-term medical conditions.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recognises and recommends osteopathy as an effective form of treatment (Source NHS).