What Our Clients Say

Kind & Knowledgeable – No More Pain

“I just want to say how impressed I was with Dr Price! He has a kind demeanour; he listens very carefully to the patient; he is extremely knowledgeable; and he did a most careful, thorough, and perceptive examination. He was very helpful in his diagnostic suggestions for my lower leg numbness, and he also quickly fixed the extremely painful knee which was making it difficult for me to walk for more than a short distance. I have had NO pain at all from that knee from the moment I left the clinic, and within days I was back to my daily 5-mile walks. I consider myself fortunate that I did not end up in the hands of rheumatologists and neurologists for that issue, to be scanned and puzzled over and referred onwards, all to no good purpose!

– Dr Ian

Experienced & Gentle

Sandra Price is a wonderful cranial osteopath. She’s very experienced and gentle and always gives you exercises, so you can maintain the healing yourself.

She has helped members of my family and me in so many ways: bad back, sore arm, post operation cramps, stiff neck, migraine, funny feelings in an elbow – you name it, she tames it!

So many people think aches and pains are just part of living – but they don’t have to be, and going to Sandra makes you feel Young again!”

– Krystyna

Immediate & Dramatic Improvement

“I was recently suffering from neck pains where I couldn’t turn my head or even sleep comfortably. I didn’t know whether I had pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve.

After half an hour with Sandra, she had not only identified the problem and virtually cured it on the first visit, but she also spotted that my lower back was slightly out of alignment- something that stems from an injury almost 20 years ago in the gym which has caused me some recurring problems for most of that time.

Again she identified the problem and again made an immediate and dramatic improvement. Sandra also gave me a series of stretching exercises and routines to back up her initial treatment.

I have had many sports injuries over the years and subsequent physiotherapy and no one has had such an immediate impact before.
If you have back or joint injuries book an appointment with Sandra. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

– James

Sessions Are Relaxing & Enjoyable

“I’ve been a patient of Dr.J.D.Price for some years now. Due to my sports activities I had many injuries over the years; such as to my knees, back, neck and shoulder.

I would first like to mention my knee injury. I’d hurt my knee during a tennis game and was in pain and limping. I was seen by several sports injury specialists and been told that I needed a surgery. I was terrified for I had heard so many stories about those operations. Finally, I was recommended to see Dr.JD Price.

When I went to see him, he examined my knee and studied my MRI thoroughly, and then he said that it can be cured without an op. I was over the moon. So the treatments started. He gave me some home exercises as well. After a short time my pain had eased and I started to walk properly. I was back to my tennis in a very short time.

Couple of years later I moved to Istanbul; there I fell from a slide and hurt my coccyx very badly. I couldn’t sit for 4 months, I was in agony. That is until I flew to London to see Dr. J.D. Price. He gave me confidence and I knew I was going to be safe in his hands and he would fix my problem.

And I was quite right too…He gave me an injection which he said would work for 11 days; and on the 11th day precisely the pain vanished as he said and I could sit again!! Amazing!!

He is very precise about making a correct diagnosis and his solutions to the problems are so correct, one feels relieved. He is always very sure of his diagnosis and the treatment required even if it is different to the other Doctors’ opinions; and he happens to be right every time!

He also listens to his patients with all his attention and explains the problem in detail to the patient until he/she understands it. I think it is a rare and very distinctive ability, as not many Doctors have it.

His sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable and his sense of humour is incomparable.

Sometimes, during a tennis game I end up injuring my back and move my pelvis. That means It needs traction, so with his small talks and questions he keeps my mind occupied and very gently puts it in its place.

He has also treated my son, as well as many of my friends from abroad. My friends visited him in despair and left his surgery smiling for he saved them from an probable Operation.

He is not only good in his field but also very educated in general. Once he was treating my friends as a couple, this is what I heard from them when they thanked me for sending them to him: During the husband’s second visit he realized that his complaints were not coming from his spine as my friend claimed it was. He immediately ordered an urgent blood test! When the results came he understood something quite serious was the problem and he directed him to another specialist right away. My friends told me also that the husband had seen other Drs. until he visited Dr.J.D. Price, none told him otherwise. They also said that if it wasn’t for Dr. Price they wouldn’t have known what was going on.

Actually this is not a recommendation, because he does not need one!

I only wanted to let the people know that he is one of the best Doctors ever!

May God bless him for us all.”


A Massive Difference To My Life

“It isn‘t putting it too strongly to say that Sandra Price made a massive difference to my life, because I was suffering from vertigo brought on by a whiplash injury, and she administered some very relaxing treatments and was very strict about neck exercises to do each day to help maintain and improve my symptoms.

She has completely rebalanced my posture and rejuvenated me. Sandra takes her professional role very seriously, and has a huge knowledge of all things medical, including diet, posture and exercise. My family and I have consulted her over the past 10 years for various joint and muscle problems, and of course within no time we feel great.

Thanks so much Sandra.”

Lady Ellwood

Movement & Functionality Regained

“When I met Sandra 10 years ago, my body was a mess. I found it painful to walk due to weak arches and a stiff sore ankle, my neck had limited and painful movement, I had a chronic ache between my shoulder blades which was made worse by using a computer. And, chronic, grumbling lower back pain. I dread to think what state I would be in now without all Sandra has done for me.

At our first consultation, Sandra said that most of my problems stemmed from an injury to my lower back when I was a student when I had pulled my sacroiliac out. After some X-rays she began straightening me out – literally!! My spine wasn’t straight and my pelvis was twisted. It took several months to persuade my back to adopt its new correct alignment.

During this time she also loosened up my ankle and my neck and recommended a podiatrist for my weak arches. She eased the pain between my shoulder blades and advised me on correct sitting and mouse-using posture. She also gave me gently mobilising and strengthening exercised to do.

Since then, she has always been there to help sort out my body’s problems.

One New Year’s eve, I’d had a little too much to drink and when dancing rather too vigorously, I sprained my knee very badly. She helped me get full movement and functionality back. After surgery for breast cancer, both my shoulders froze and she helped me through un-freezing them. When the pain between my shoulder blades was getting worse and worse and her ministrations were only able to ease the pain, we agreed I needed to see my oncologist. After being diagnosed with bone metastases, Sandra has continued to look after my back very gently and has kept me able to lead a relatively pain-free life. Recently she has helped me through a prolapsed disk and horrible sciatic pain.

I have no hesitation recommending Sandra.”

Dr Adrienne

Immediate Improvement After One Session

“I am a 62 year old man who has suffered on and off from knee, neck and back problems- usually not severe, but always painful- for many years. After my first session with Sandra I noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms.

She diagnosed what was wrong with my back and the causes. The improvement continued, and I am sure that but for Sandra I would be suffering from increasing pain as I got older, which was already restricting the sorts of activities that I could undertake. Thanks to Sandra, I was recently able to do a 26 mile charity walk.

I can strongly recommend Sandra, as not only is she an excellent osteopath, but she manages to make her sessions enjoyable, so that you look forward to the next appointment.”

– Chris

Friendly And Reassuring

“I had a terrible pain in my foot one day and was recommended to see Dr Price. He diagnosed a tendonitis.  He was very friendly and reassuring. I felt totally safe in his hands and trusted him, and after just one session I noticed significant improvement and my condition resolved. I would be more than happy to recommend Dr Price.”

– Charlotte