Consultation & Fees

A clinical evaluation, history, examination and treatment will be carried out by Sandra or John Price.

If previously treated, please bring any investigation i.e. scan, X-ray, reports etc to your appointment so they can be reviewed with you.

If these are not in your possession please contact your doctor/ specialist/ hospital department where they may be held if possible.

Our Fees

Every clinic has a different fee structure. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic you wish to visit and ask about our fees.

We ask our patients to settle their invoices at each visit, by cash or cheque and a receipt will be issued for each visit.

The clinic is recognised by most major health insurance companies for reimbursement of fees. Claim forms will be completed where required at no cost.

Please note, many insurers require a referral from your G.P. before approving the claim so it is wise to check, you may also need an authorisation code for the whole treatment or at each appointment so check with your provider.