Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine is an amino sugar found in the matrix of our joints’ cartilage. Ligaments, tendons, joints and bones of the body depend on gluosamine for repair and regeneration as it has been described as “the cement of connective tissues” in Pulses quick guide.

In particular circumstances, after an injury or a period of illness and also with age, the cartilage that surrounds your joints dries out and breaks down.

This results in more joint friction, pain, and stiffness, and is often found in osteoarthritis of the knee.

Some clinical research shows that taking glucosamine supplements may help prevent this process in the joints and improve the integrity of the cartilage. However more research is still needed.

Especially if you are an athlete or a person over 40  we recommend you use oral Glucosamine as dietary supplement to improve the structure and function of your joints and to support your better health.

Often using this supplement can help you prevent and alleviate the aches and pains in your joints brought on by trauma and degeneration.

A recommended brand is available in the clinic so please contact us if you prefer a superior and well absorbed supplement.

Studies have shown that taking a course of glucosamine does not affect insulin sensitivity, secretion or action in humans however you should always check with your physician before starting to take them if you are diabetic.