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From Desk to Sofa – Avoid Holiday Spinal Strain!

Yes it is great to get out from behind your desk for a few days during the holiday, but is lounging on the sofa worse?

In the season of excess we are all tempted to overindulge and then just sit around afterwards! What can you do to help avoid spinal strain this festive season?

The answer is simpler than you may think – do not sit for long, avoid a low or deep seated position and most importantly no slouching! Think of your spine as the support structure that the rest of your body depends upon, do not carry too much all at once, when lifting bend at the knees while maintaining a straight back and when it’s time to sleep choose a firm, supportive mattress.

It is thought that making 10,000 steps a day is a healthy number which is easily monitored by a step counter – yet another good Christmas present idea. Even smart phone applications can monitor walking patterns that can change your outlook on current low activity levels.

I would recommend trying this out as a way of inspiring you to become more active. The more active you become the healthier your body will be and you will find it easier to avoid spinal strain.

If your sofa at home is too low, too deep and basically unsupportive then this can start to build up a pattern of spinal strain. So actually you need to find a chair at home that does the same job of supporting you as your office chair. This could be as simple as using some well-chosen cushions to place on a dining chair. Equally there are brands which offer different seat height and depth sofas, which are well worth the investment. Head support is preferable in these ranges, the reclining facility is optional.

Next year we will discuss the importance of an appropriate, ergonomically organised office!

Happy, Safe Holidays from everyone at Price’s Back Clinic!