Prices Back Clinic Treats Spine Injuries

Back & Spinal Injuries

Treatment for any back or spinal injuries & problems.

Prices Back Clinic Treats Joint Pain

Joint Problems

Our treatment helps loosen stiff joints & joint related pain.

Prices Back Clinic Treats Sport Injuries

Sporting Injuries

We diagnose and treat sports related injuries.

Prices Back Clinic Treats Head And Neck Problems

Head & Neck Pain

Suffering from migraines or neck pain?

Expert Osteopathic, Orthopaedic And Back Treatments & Advice

Price’s Back Clinic provides expert Osteopathic and Orthopaedic diagnosis, joint muscle and back treatments in London. We specialise in correcting painful backs/necks, upper and lower limbs taking a whole body holistic approach.

Osteopathy is a way of detecting, treating and preventing health problems by stretching, rebalancing and relaxing muscle movement and realigning joints in your body.

Our system of diagnosis and treatment works with the structure and function of your entire body to restore a state of balance and harmony focusing on the whole person.

Maintenance of your mechanical function is essential to good health. Problems in the framework of your body can disturb the circulatory and or nervious system anywhere which, in turn, can affect any aspect of your health.

Sandra Price is an experienced Osteopath practicing both structural and cranial osteopathy for the past 25 years.

As for Orthopaedic medicine, it is the diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint pathologies and their related structures.

Dr. John Price uses physical and medical treatments to help your tissues recover quickly and avoid relapses. His treatments improve the quality of your life, and are often an alternative to surgery.

Therefore, Price’s Back Clinic provides a comprehensive diagnostic and individually tailored treatment programme for each patient.

A swift recovery is our aim with treatment, advice and exercise to help stop recurrence and also improve general wellbeing.

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