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Stress At Work

Nothing new but something we all have to deal with, so how do we reduce STRESS.

This could relate to a heavy work load, long hours, politics in the office or the overbearing boss and possibly the lack of or incompetent support staff.

Whatever it is there is a quick way to help reduce that building irritability -the micro reset.
one can choose from

    1. the reverse posture technique – where instead of leaning forwards as we tend to throughout the day, you ease your head back gently arching your spine into extension where you will feel a comfortable stretching in the back and neck muscles.
    2. rocking and stretching – where you move your neck and shoulders and spine from side to side or back and forth or up and down rhythmically at a low amplitude and frequency.
    3. slow breaths – breathing in for 2 seconds and breathing out for 4 seconds can be very relaxing too

One might take a few seconds or up to 60 seconds to perform this reset and so one can repeat it every ten minutes or so.

We tend to gradually get more and more stressed throughout the day, by introducing regular stress reducing tactics the positive effect can be dramatic.

For most of us more stress means an increase tension in our musculature so ultimately if we can reduce that loading by using these micro resets we can keep our musculoskeletal system in better health.