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Work Place Injury

Work place injury is a common complaint and can often relate to poor posture during the day. If you work sitting at a computer screen all day it is important that you arrange your work environment to suit you, lending support and not adding to strain.

This often results in head aches, neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain which can occur along with other symptoms.

To avoid this problem one needs to follow the simple and logical advice of an ergonomic work station set up and to take plenty of small breaks where one moves about  frequently and gets up and stretches regularly.

Sitting well at work is much more important than you might think. If you consider how long you sit at your desk it is no wonder poor posture can lead to neck and back pain. Staring at a computer screen for too long can also lead to eye strain. Reaching too far across your desk for the mouse can lead to arm and neck strain. The toll of typing and clicking for hours, days and years without proper breaks eventually creates an overall tighter frame and reduces the capacity for normal ranges of movement leading to muscle and tendon strains affecting your forearms, wrists and fingers resulting in an array of symptoms such as pain and stiffness. An expert review could help you and your staff avoid long term problems and loss of productivity.

You can book a work station review with Prices Back Clinic to make sure you have the right set up and to check if you need to replace or add any ergonomic devices which could optimise the support and improve your posture.

Advice will be provided on how best to minimise interruptions but still take those micro and macro resets which stop the muscles from tightening up progressively through your working day.

Non desk based jobs may present postural loading which if not reviewed can also cause a repetitive strain, loading the spine for example in a vulnerable position which over time can weaken the area.

A timely visit from us could avoid these issues or tackle them if they arise.

Prevention is better than cure for keeping your work force at work, not at home recovering and then requiring a staggered return to the normal office schedule.

If you would like to discuss a Better Posture at Work Intervention we can help with small or large work force assessments and implementation of the required adjustments, treatment and postural re-education packages. Please email Sandra on sandra@pricesbackclinic.com for further information, we will be delighted to offer our help.